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About Us


The Store Front 

Located on the historic intersection of Haight and Ashbury, Love Street Vintage is a curated boutique of vintage, designer, and ethnic fashion. Every piece in the store is hand picked by the owner, Graciela Ronconi, and has a special place in the store. We take care of our garments by dry cleaning, mending, and polishing all items before they hit the floor. We are also well known for our ever changing window displays, which capture the hearts of regulars and tourists a like.    


The Owner 

Graciela Ronconi, Owner of Love Street Vintage

"It started with forsaken Sears catalogs lying around in our living room. I would cut out Mami's old catalogs and make my own paper dolls from them. Fast forward to the present day and here I am owning and operating my own vintage shop in a fantastic kaleidoscopic corner of the world....Haight Ashbury. " - Graciela Ronconi

A well known and respected member of the community; Graciela has been slinging vintage fashion since the 90s. You can always find her at the biggest vintage fashion events, (Viva Las Vegas, A Current Affair, etc etc) at the Arizona gem show in Tucson every year, and at smaller jewelry shows in the bay area. Known for her keen eye for all items, people have consulted her for advice and opinions. 


Our Team 


Patrick Pacheco

Patrick is one of the Sales Associates here at Love Street Vintage. Patrick moved to San Francisco, CA three years ago from Fresno, CA in hopes of furthering their dreams. They are currently in school for Fashion Marketing and minoring in Styling. They are an aspiring stylist who is heaving influenced by vintage fashion/trends in their work. Patrick considers themselves a “forever student”, constantly hungry for new knowledge on the history of fashion while staying in tune with the current trends/brands of the moment. Patrick is always ready for something new the world would like to throw at them.


Beatriz Padilla            

Beatriz is another one of the Sales Associates here at Love Street Vintage. A former pastry chef in LA, she is a lover of vintage fashion, polynesian culture, and all things pastry. Beatriz has always been fascinated with San Francisco ever since she was a little girl. After visiting her family here for many years, she decided to make the leap 1 year ago and leave Los Angeles for San Francisco. Currently taking some time away from the food industry, you can find her taking photos for this website at the store.